Benny Wenda, “Hero” or “Loser”?

All Papua people always ask who Benny Wenda is? Hero or Angel? The answer is very interesting because how Benny Wenda gets the benefit from conflict can be in different forms as follow:

Economical benefit, political authority, psychology, and pleasure. A trustful source from Oxford shares surprising information on how Benny Wenda takes many benefits from fake story on West Papua conflict. Besides, by giving a kind of oration on international NGO or joining in many culture and art festivals especially in England, Benny Wenda only gives fake story.

Economical benefit can be exploited by Benny Wenda by taking the money of England tax payer through claim as asylum seeker. Staying in UK is hard so that there is no other way except by keeping the conflict in West Papua. Further, after some years enjoying free lunch from England tax payer, Benny Wenda is incapable in losing chance for raising his children in England. Through forbidden fund collecting by telling lie to British people, Benny Wenda succeeds in changing the mask of asylum seeker pretender to self isolation from Papua people leader in England. He also hesitates to the member of English parliament over the recent situation in West Papua so that he can control England parliament members as his supporters.

Political authority, Benny Wenda claims himself as Papua leader is a pretending act by playing in being tricky, handsome, and innocent. Therefore, British people take a pity and support him as a victim and Indonesia government is the real mean one. Benny Wenda is smart in creating truth for help due to Indonesia’s political repression.

Psychological pleasure, the world can read clearly the intention and ambition of Benny Wenda as the future president of West Papua. This is more to the strangest conflict benefit that can be inferred into the feeling of superiority and being messianic in certainty over someone’s action. Follow are the innocent faces of a liar that proclaims himself as the one and only leader of Papua that cares about the future of West Papua.

The more democratic Indonesia the more Benny Wenda be afraid of losing his grip in England. That is why he is not patient enough in seeing the dynamics of democratization in Indonesia and West Papua. By seeing more and involving more Papua people in region autonomy government. He is panic so that he pushes the forming of international parliament for West Papua and soon international lawyer for West Papua in order to boost the tension in West Papua. It seems that Benny Wenda succeeds so that he can save himself temporarily. No matter how tricky Benny Wenda is, one day British citizens especially those who stay in Oxford, Essex, Exeter and London will realize that Benny Wenda is a real liar.

Interpol WANTED, Benny Wenda

The leader of Tradition Community of Koteka Community/ Demmak, Benny Wenda who was born 36 years ago in Pyramid village, Baliem valley, upper land Papua is not others but a prisoner of Papua detained in Papua Polda on June 8, 2002 then escaped from Indonesia’s prison helped by Papua separatist activist and NGO from England through PNG boundary lane and went to England as asylum seeker until conducting campaign of freedom Papua movement.

On September 20, 2002, Supreme Judiciary of Jayapura issued the letter of accusation on Benny Wenda by indictment of having two state passports (Indonesia and PNG), organizing bleeding attack of Abepura on 6-7 December 2000,and organizing attack of police station and TNI in Papua. Since his escape from prison within detention process makes Benny Wenda to be hunted “WANTED” NCB of Indonesia Interpol due to murder case.

Boasting and Unreal Wish of  Benny Wenda by “IPWP” and “ILWP”

After escaping in England, Benny Wenda starts to conduct campaigns sounding Papua freedom on basis of Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) that started by establishment of International Parliamentary for West Papua (IPWP) in England so that International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) in Guyana. Is it really supported by England government or just wants to have Pound sterling that valued more than Rupiah in Papua and at the end to gain power? In the other words, Benny Wenda only plays role in Pound sterling business in the name of Papua people.

IPWP boasting in his activity started from the declaration by asking for support of England parliament members so that the call of campaign action in Papua freedom to Papua people can be considered non sense in fact. The fact can be seen in IPWP launching that is attended by around 11 delegations and so far there are not many supporting parliament members on Papua freedom. Viewed from each action as done in front of Indonesian Embassy in England by around 11 persons only that support. Besides, campaign call all at once to Papua people both in Papua and abroad seems to gain less response included from Free West Papua Campaign out of England. Campaign done for freedom seems to be an effort to individual/group interest even in the name of Papua people. It is necessary to question which people, expected intention, and purpose.

In fact IPWP does not reflect the stand of England parliament that consists of 646 members of House of Commons and 746 members of House of Lords. Further, IPWP is not significant politically because of not reflecting England government stand. England government stand does not plan to raise Papua problem in forum of United Nations Security Chamber because England believes in the conduct of law on special autonomy (Otsus) completely that is the best way to solve internal difference matter and long term stability of Papua in continuation. England government admits that there are many debating over Pepera 1969, but the result of Pepera 1969 is accepted by United Nations at that time. There is no doubt on international that Papua is a part of Indonesia. Because of England government does not accept the freedom of Papua, England does not consider it appropriate to raise Papua issue in Security Chamber or General Session.

By that fact, all efforts of Benny Wenda in demonstration action for once in 2 weeks in front of Indonesian embassy in London will not influence the stand of England government that does not support Papua freedom. The claim that Benny Wenda to be the future leader of Papua by gaining supports from almost all Papua people is in the contrary to the fact that can be seen from support in Papua itself at the launching of IPWP that is not attended by all Papua people, with only 800 people in Jayapura. Can it be said to be all Papua people?

Benny Wenda is  a figure behind the launching of IPWP and ILWP is considered honored for Papua people as the future leader of Papua. From leading characteristic of Benny Wenda so far, it seems that the existing impression is only Benny Wenda that is able and “successful” in international diplomation that   disobey and consider another movement figures as Andi Ayamiseba, Nicolas Jouwe, Franzalberth Joku, Nick Messet, Oridek Ap, John Ondowame, and etc are not successful abroad.  By considering that himself is “successful” to show his arrogance, egoism, and thirst of authority by  underestimating other figures. A real leader does no blasphemy one another. Therefore, is Benny Wenda to be the one and only considered successful in diplomating for Papua freedom? Real leader must be able to embrace all groups and not to create separation among movement figures.

As the launching of IPWP  in England by less support for IPWP, similar thing also happens on ILWP launching as advocating place related to Papua law aspect where “the sounding” of the news it has been long time on IPWP forming. In fact there is not much news on international media due to ILWP and support from International Lawyers appears to be not significant. The changing of launching place from US to Guyana is needed to question. ILWP launching which is again pioneered by Benny Wenda does not have world’s attention.

What real outcome gotten by Benny Wenda abroad? What is the difference between Benny Wenda and others movement figures of Papua freedom abroad? IPWP and ILWP dedicated to whom? What benefit gotten from the existence of IPWP and ILWP? Is it true that two institutions represent all Papua people  and not represent certain group?

Benny Wenda Hypocrisy

As known from boasting of Benny Wenda abroad stated as if there were massacre to Papua people creating dreadful impression that it actually non sense. Fake stories without baseline only considered to be “tools” of Pound Sterling maker. Papua that exists in Benny Wenda’s mind is the left behind condition, difficult, suffered, poor, uneducated, discriminated and others so that they picture sadness metaphor looked for a pity people abroad. In fact, Papua changes, modern world technology proved not to be able to educate the thoughts of Benny over Papua. Benny does not realize that there are many significant changes in Papua both in human resources and infrastructures. There are many young generations of Papua, our little brothers and sisters at Junior High School and Senior High School make proud of Indonesian people that win in International Physics Olympiad and many receive scholarship for studying in some famous universities  in Indonesia. Even though so, Benny Wenda still does not consider all the success.

Even though so, it is surely different from what is campaigned by Free  West Papua abroad that Benny actually states his willingness to be back to Indonesia. That is based on the news from his closest relatives in Papua that states Benny’s “feeling” to his family due to the difficulty in finance suffered by him, his wife and 6 children in London, England.

Actually, there is a chance for Benny to be back and build Papua with all his ability and experience, but arrogance, pride, hypocrisy, and all fear to those dislike him being a barrier for its realization. It is thought that government will be able to accept as Interpol DPO and accept him to be back to Indonesia as other separatist figures of Papua who are back to Indonesia such as Nick Masset, Albert Yoku, Nicholas Jouwe and others.


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