The World Does Not Support Papua Independence

The current gossip whether most countries in the world are supporting Papua independence, turns out a lie. Papua struggle to independence, only supported by several prominent politician of Vanuatu. The Chairman of the Traditional Authority Sentani Tribe, Franzalbert Joku, some time ago told reporters in Jayapura that, from hundred countries in the world, theres only some politician from Vanuatu which supporting Papuan independence, and that wasnt the official political act of the Government of Vanuatu.

Therefore, Joku expressed astonishment because of the media and government in Indonesia as well as the community and students in Papua accept the gossip related IPWP and ILWP political movement. Joku who is also a former leader of Indigenous Papuan Presidium Council (PDP) in foreign affairs explain in detail that the International Parlementarians for West Papua (IPWP) and International Lawyers For West Papua (ILWP) is an group organized by foreign NGOs concerned the issue of Papua.

“IPWP and ILWP is not just another NGO or a combination of individual groups of students of the developing issues in Papua. They consist of attorneys or advocates are also members of the British parliament, and only about two or three men from the Netherlands, Belgium and the Europe Union.”he explained.
Papua as Integral Part of Indonesia.

One fact that should be known, is that the Dutch Governor at Batavia, Mercus, on August 24, 1828 (100 years before the oath youth in Indonesia), on behalf of the Dutch crown’s already said that Papua is an integral part of the Dutch East Indies or Dutch colony.

“This is a fact. So do not look at the history of Papua’s partially, but if we look at the association Papua was officially since 1928, and there is a lot going on,” said Joku.

Joku also want to convey, the history of which he knew, who claimed that Papua and expressed a desire and a passion to make Papua in a large unit whose name Indonesia the leaders of Indonesia, Sukarno and Hatta and his friends. While the American generals who declare war in Papua doenst concern about Papua likewise with many Japanese destroy a lot of lives, has never declared it.

With these facts, Joku wanted to make a few educated deduction to put the real issues about Papua contextually. “Which one is a lie, that Papuans are not constantly deceived, tempted, and lapsed into a thought of Papua’s independence,” he said. If the thought happens, it makes a community unproductive.

The Vanuatu Government supports the Indonesia unitary. “The presence of one or two Papuans in Vanuatu doesn’t represent a support of Papua independence,” said former Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda he said.

At the time of the ministerial-level meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister as well as Foreign Minister of Vanuatu Sato Kilman. According to Hassan Vanuatu does not want the presence of native Papuans RI Vanuatu to be a barrier to the relationship between Indonesia and Vanuatu.
“Vanuatu will do they can do to keep a relationship with Indonesia, related to the Papuans in their country,” said Hassan Wirajuda. Hassan also said there was no regular meeting of Papuans that support Papuan independence in Vanuatu. “The government have committed the importance of a relationship with Indonesia,” he said.
Time tells that nowdays Papuan already understand that some actions and activities on behalf of the Papuan people’s struggle towards independence Papuans only done by a few people who want Papua drought in independence issues and don’t want peace. But Papuans react differently indicated by the development of infrastructure, improvement of education, health and welfare. This is also shown by Papuan to increase both the infrastructure and the quality of human resources.


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