Papua’s Special Autonomy (OTSUS), For People Welfare Or Political Elite’s Interest


Province of Papua was province of Irian Jaya which later became the province of Papua and province of West Papua given special autonomy called Otsus with framework of the unitary Republis of Indonesia (NKRI). Otsus itself is a apecial authority admitted and given to the province of Papua, including provinces resulting the expansion province of Papua, to regulate and manage the interest of local people its own initiave based on aspiration and basic rights of the Papuan people.

Given Otsus and other privileges, Papua issues was not accomplished yet. Was it really caused by elites in Papua who are more likely to choose the status quo, while the welafre of people remain neglected?

Until now, the government attentions for Papua was quite remarkable, infact more than other regions. It was evident from Otsus fund that has fulfilled and accomodate aspirations of Papuan people in order to Papuan people would be prosper. But, it was seem that some of political elite in Papua was more likely to choose status quo situation remain as it was. It was also seen from Otsus fund, the budget for welfare of people has wrong target and it couldnot controlled by Papua People. Finally, Papua people couldnot enjoy the implementation of Otsus policy.

The political elite should stimulate the Otsus policy with various program that more implement Otsus in Papua because political elites had wide for that. Unfortunately, the elites through local politcal party had less responed for that and the Otsus should have progress from political elite of Papua and political elite of Indonesia goverment to encourage society empowermwnt programs in Papua and better capasity building of governance.

As political administration, Otsus has accomodated advance the development of Papua. The only problem is how initiative of local elite could stimulate and encourage toward better, not toward separatism which assumed that everything from the point of view Papua are neglected region and there was injustice.

To realize more advanced Papua, central government must also stiil focus, not only give Otsus fund and considered the problem in Papua is accomplished. The local political elite and government should look Otsus mission as a sacred mission. Dont be carried away by elf-interest elites.

Otsus fund in 2009 is Rp 3,7 triliun and in 2010 is Rp 4,2 triliun. Otsus often termed by the central government and several papuan political elite merely money, but the real Otsus is a policy that wanted by Papua people about giving authority in the context regional autonomy. It was not yet aware of the central government and several Papuan political elite.

There are a number of Papuan political elite who feel “happy” with the lack of regulations governing about Otsus comprehensively and supervisons of the use of Otsus fund. Therefore, papuan political elite must realize that Otsus is not for the personal gain, but for papua and Indonesia. To create Papua development, there must be strong political will from central government to conduct evaluation about Otsus’s implementation. President, Coordinating Minister for Politic, Law, and Security, and Minister of home affairs and the papuan political elite shouldopen space consequently and with dignity in a forum to accomplish the problems in Papua.

Central government and Papua elites should abolish the pragmatic interests that do not reflect the interest of papua people particular and indonesia in general, if there are will for resolving the issues of Papua.

The number of rejection actions of Otsus policy from many elements on behalf indigeous people of Papua to convictt “Otsus has failed” and demanded “referendum”, were the result of the surgeof dissapoinment Papuan people that have not yet felt the full privilages.

Actually, Otsus has fulfill the answer of the underdevelopment of Papua of other regions in Indonesia, not only from fund but also the privilages to manage the region itself, but the implementation in Papua is not perfect yet according to objective of the central government, specially the procedure of Otsus fund management which was still used for personal interest of papuan elite or not appropriate with allocation of use.

Papua need an extra special attention, in order to the dissapoitment of papuan people which do not fulfilled by Otsus policy or the existence of Papuan People’ Assembly (MRP) and papua parliaments. So, the government maybe soon form a Board of Ministry that handles the issues in Papua or the eastern region of Indonesia, because until now local government can not achieve the desire Papua people to more advanced and prosperous. But, central government still must be controller by involving papua leaders and elites to build human resources, welfare, and infrastructure in Papua.

Spesific agency or ministry in addition to concern about the development can also press foreign powers playing in Papua that want Papua separate from the Unitary of Indonesia Republic (NKRI).


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